• bästa brunchen
    Efterrätt,  Frukost

    Bästa brunchen att bjuda på hemma

    Många gånger serveras den bästa brunchen hemma. Jag tycker personligen att brunch ute tenderar att vara överskattad. Dels kan man ta bort alla delar som man inte tycker om. (Om det nu finns sådana.) Ha koll på vad som är i det man äter. Men det viktigaste av allt. Samla alla man tycker om vid ett och samma bord. Jag är inte främmande för att köra knytis på brunchen. Men eftersom jag lever både för och på att skapa mat gör jag det mer än gärna. Men gör man inte det kan man dela upp det mellan sig. Någon kan ta med sig pålägg, dryck eller bär. På just denna brunchen är det…

  • Waffles

    Waffles on waffle’s day

    Waffle’s day It’s Monday today, but it’s also the day of the Waffles here in Sweden. And I for one, think it’s a fabulous day. I mean what Monday is complete without dessert? None, thank you very much. In Sweden all the grocery stores have been filled with ready made waffle mix and jam strategically placed. Just for you to grab as you are going to pay. Just in case you would forget your waffles. Differet toppings There are of course several ways to make waffles. There’s of course the classic waffle. With different, mostly sweet toppings. In this post, I will give you the classical Swedish waffle recipe and from that, you…

  • vegan semla
    Efterrätt,  Glutenfritt,  Säsong,  Vinter

    The Vegan Semla

    The semla is a classical Swedish pastry that is served on Shrove Tuesday. Now days even before. But it used to be served as treat after fast. During the last couple of years the Semla, whether a vegan semla or not has popped up in many shapes and flavours. As you probably know by now I love experimenting with new flavours and play around with textures. The semla, however, is one of those absolute classical pastries that I love just the way they are. Hello vegan Semla I can go as far as a vegan semla, which really is just the way the classical one is. Just allergy friendly. I can even stretch…

  • Swedish rice pudding
    Efterrätt,  Frukost

    Swedish rice pudding – Ris á la Malta

    There’s a Swedish Christmas dessert that is called rice á la Malta. Swedish rice pudding.  It’s sort of rice pudding that has nothing to do with Malta at all. However, most families have their own recipe for it. It’s mostly common during Christmas, but can, of course, be eaten all year long.  Swedish rice pudding Rice pudding has been of those Christmas desserts that is must on the Swedish Christmas table. We even had it on our, even though we celebrated a very typical Hungarian Christmas.  None the less, my grandmother used to make it with canned sorted fruits and whipped cream. It’s quite a heavy dessert. I love it and I used…

  • Swedish cardamom knots
    Bröd,  Efterrätt

    Swedish cardamom knots – time for fika

    The cardamom knot or the bun if you will is the queen of Swedish fika. And fika is the palace in which you indulge the quintessential of Swedish culture. You can get a cardamom knot at pretty much any café in Sweden. That and coffee of course. We drink a lot of coffee too. Fika is a national social structure in Sweden We have morning fika and afternoon fika, and in many workplaces, it is still a way for co-workers to socialise across all disciplines. We simply love our fika. And you can get the cardamom knot pretty much in any café you go to. Now I’m going to tell you how to get a little…

  • Vegan bounty bars
    Efterrätt,  Glutenfritt

    Vegan bounty bars

    These vegan bounty bars were created because two of my best friends have different types of food allergies. But they still like sweets and honestly who doesn’t like bounty bars? Especially with only the good stuff inside them. They are not very difficult to make but they take a little bit of time the first time you make them. The vegan bounty bars need a food processor to be firm and get the right texture. The first time I made them I didn’t use a food processor and they were not as easy to work with. I have used agave syrup for my bounty bars however, you can use honey too if you like…

  • apple muffins
    Efterrätt,  Frukost

    Bakery style apple muffins

    Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the smell of bakery style apple muffins? I have three apple trees in my garden. As you can imagine there is quite an overflow of apples. These apple muffins are so moist I was even surprised myself. Make a double batch, you will want to have these in your freezer. If the apple muffins make it to the freezer that is… Apple muffins and more So I was contemplating what to do with all the apples in our garden. I mean as much as I love apples there is only so much you can do with them, right? I mean my favourite is overnight bircher with apples. I have also made…

  • chocolate toffee cookies

    Chocolate toffee cuts

    I know not everyone loves chocolate. However, after trying these chocolate toffee cookies you will be turned. They are crunchy, yet they are chewy because of the toffee. They also disappear very quickly I noticed. Last time I didn’t even have time to taste them. They were all gone. This recipe for chocolate toffee cookies come from one of my idols, the Eisenman sisters. Their cookbook,” Sommarens söta” Which in English is ”Sweets’ of Summer”. It’s such a wonderful cookbook. And it was also one of my first that I ever bought. Each and every recipe is truly delicious. They have an American heritage which is very noticeable throughout the book.  It’s very nicely woven together with their…

  • Hungarian plum dumplings
    Efterrätt,  Middagar

    Hungarian plum dumplings

    Hungarian plum dumplings or Szilvás gomboc as they are called in Hungarian is the epitome of my childhood. This is how my grandmother showed me her deepest love for me. And after making Hungarian plum dumplings myself I now know how deep that love went. There is no shortcut to making Hungarian plum dumplings. However, the effort is worth it. The dough is the same as when you make gnocchi. It’s made from potato pasta. The hardest part of making Hungarian plum dumplings is making the actual dumplings. Then have them to stay in the shape of a whole ball whilst cooking them. But more about this later on. I saw my grandmother make this…

  • ice lollies
    Dryck,  Efterrätt,  Glutenfritt

    The best ice lolly recipe for kids

    My kids have been living out of our freezer this summer. We have an ice lolly factory in our kitchen. It has been a tropical summer in Sweden. And we are loving every minute of it. Ice lollies for breakfast anyone? These ice lollies are very easy to make and taste like a little bit of ice lolly heaven. You can use this recipe with any kind of berry. And make a different ice lolly. But this season the strawberries have been really sweet. I guess this is what happens when berries get to grow in full sunshine. Ice lollies and sugar I use a little bit of sugar in my recipe. This…