• Crayfish soup
    Dinner,  Soups

    Crayfish soup with fennel and salmon

    Are you looking for a delicious crayfish soup recipe to ring in the new decade with? Look no further, this is the only crayfish soup recipe you’ll ever need. It’s rich in flavour, silky smooth and not too time consuming so that you’ll have time to entertain your guests or yourself. Scandinavian flavours The salmon adds to it’s richness and…

  • chocolate brioche
    Breads,  Cakes & Buns,  Desserts

    Brioche filled with chocolate

    There is something magical about Christmas and chocolate, isn’t it? And there’s no Christmas without brioche bread either. These two go very well together. Brioche is always on my list of things to bake for Christmas or any other holiday really. Or use it as a Hamburger bun, or, wait I’m getting ahead of myself now. I grew up with…

  • Dinner,  Soups

    Fisksoppa med saffran – njut av sensommaren

    Samarbete med Le Creuset. Fisksoppa med saffran var det första jag tänkte på när Le Creuset bad om en klimatvänlig meny. Av lite olika anledningar. Specialkomponerad meny Som i ett led av klimatvänliga alternativ på middagsbordet har jag tagit fram planetvänliga alternativ att bjuda familj och vänner på. Först ut i deras nya linje av gjutjärnsgrytor, den som heter i…

  • mjuk rababerkaka

    Mjuk rabarberkaka för fira rabarbern

    Vem gillar inte rabarber? Mjuk rabarberkaka är min favorit. Men det verkar som att alla har ett speciellt recept i sina gömmor. Jag ska prova dem alla! Det finns nämligen ingenting som talar om att våren har kommit som när rabarbern är redo att skördas. Välkomna den nya säsongen med mjuk rabarberkaka Basen i denna mjuka rabarberkaka är nästa densamma…

  • Waffles

    Waffles on waffle’s day

    Waffle’s day It’s Monday today, but it’s also the day of the Waffles here in Sweden. And I for one, think it’s a fabulous day. I mean what Monday is complete without dessert? None, thank you very much. In Sweden all the grocery stores have been filled with ready made waffle mix and jam strategically placed. Just for you to…

  • Breads,  Dinner

    When life calls for Tortano

    I love bread. I could live off good quality bread. Dip in olive oil and be done. If you are anything like me, you’ll love Greek Tortano. All the best flavours in one bread. You can almost smell it right? How to make Tortano The first time I made Tortano it was a complete mess. It ended up not being…

  • How to taste olive oil

    How to taste olive oil

    In this post, I’m going to guide you on how to taste olive oil. You may think olive oil is just olive oil, right? Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. Olive oil tasting is much like wine tasting, they differ in both taste and pungency. Partnership with a pungency This season I have partnered with the Greek olive oil company,…