• vegan semla
    Desserts,  Gluten free

    The Vegan Semla

    The semla is a classical Swedish pastry that is served on Shrove Tuesday. Now days even before. But it used to be served as treat after fast. During the last couple of years the Semla, whether a vegan semla or not has popped up in many shapes and flavours. As you probably know by now I love experimenting with new…

  • Swedish rice pudding
    Breakfast,  Desserts

    Swedish rice pudding – Ris á la Malta

    There’s a Swedish Christmas dessert that is called rice á la Malta. Swedish rice pudding.  It’s sort of rice pudding that has nothing to do with Malta at all. However, most families have their own recipe for it. It’s mostly common during Christmas, but can, of course, be eaten all year long.  Swedish rice pudding Rice pudding has been of…

  • pepparkaksbak

    Things I do to reduce food-waste.

    Sponsored content Matsmart What if I told you that you buy groceries cheaper, in bigger quantities (if you want) all the while you are helping to reduce food waste. Sounds good? Keep on reading on how you can do the same. Stocking your pantry I don’t about you guys but in our house, the food is one of the most…

  • Vegan bounty bars
    Desserts,  Gluten free

    Vegan bounty bars

    These vegan bounty bars were created because two of my best friends have different types of food allergies. But they still like sweets and honestly who doesn’t like bounty bars? Especially with only the good stuff inside them. They are not very difficult to make but they take a little bit of time the first time you make them. The vegan…

  • food waste

    Food waste as a cause

    We are quite good in Sweden when it comes to food waste. People, in general, are quite aware of the problem and try to solve it. There are tv shows dedicated to the subject, books written and social movements. Good as in there are a few options available should you want to contribute to reduce food waste. Matsmart is one…

  • friendship

    Female friendships – why they matter

    Female friendships have come to save my life over the years. It’s something wonderful that has matured over the years. And like good wines, good friendships only get better. It took me quite a while to form really good female friendships. Let’s say I didn’t really get the rules of engagement and I preferred to hang out with boys. They were…