train your brain for success

How to train your brain for success

How do you train your brain for success? It’s wellness Wednesday and the health coach will you give you some weekly inspiration on health and wellness.

We have a lot of thoughts per day, how many exactly is still open for debate. However how and what we think is really important. I think I read somewhere that 17 seconds is all you need to hold a positive thought over a negative. What I mean by that is that let’s say you wake up in the morning and you are in a bad mood. You might start to think about all the ways this day will be bad. However, if you change that and start to think how beautiful day this is going to be, 17 seconds is all it takes to ”fool” your brain. It’s worth a try, isn’t it? If the results will train your brain for success?

Do not speak to my friend like that

You wouldn’t speak critically to a friend, especially if that friend needed you. Then why do you do it to yourself? Being self-critical and dragging yourself down will only harm you. In fact, studies have shown that self-compassion and the practice of it have shown that it improves your overall well being. Not only that, but over time it gives you increased motivation and a better feeling of self-worth. Which leads to a greater self-confidence. And what happens when you are in a good space in your life? You start doing things that are good for you.

Become aware of your feelings

Many people have problems talking about their feelings. I’m most certainly included in this segment of people. However, becoming aware of your own feelings are essential to training your brain for success. If you keep your emotions all bottled up they will eventually come out anyway. This will lead you to make decisions based on emotional stress, rather than what would be a really good fit for you.

I’m guilty of this quite often, especially when I’m angry. Although I can say to someone that I’m angry with them, I can still make a very stupid decision based on a momentarily overwhelming feeling.

If you try to take a minute every day to being aware of your feelings and trying to place them in different categories, you are much more likely to make decisions that are actually good for you in the long run. Which will then lead to better success and more happiness?

Be grateful

Because when you are grateful you are happier. Now I’m not saying never to dwell on things that make you sad or anything, but when you stop to think about all the things that you are grateful for something changes in you over time. Creating a healthy mindset will help to train your brain for success. Why?

Well, when you are happy overall it increases your the well being of your mental health too. When you are balanced you tend to do more things that are good for you and others.

One step closer to your goal

Whatever your goal is the key is to train your brain for success, right? How do you do that? One step at a time. Life can be overwhelming at times and sometimes you can’t even see until next day let alone the finish line. I know that feeling, this past year has been extremely challenging for me in all areas of my life. There were days when getting out of bed was a challenge.

But doing something, just a little thing every single day that takes me closer to my goal is what has kept me afloat. I know that there’s something to be worked towards. This has also led me to make rational decisions.

Doing something, whether it’s big or small every day that brings you closer to whatever it is that you want to achieve is not so overwhelming. You can do it. And when you feel like you can do it, over time it becomes a habit. A good habit. And we all know that habits are hard to break.

Here are some of my favourite people I listen to when my brain needs a little more training.

Amy Cuddy

Brene Brown

Shawn Achor

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