• bästa brunchen
    Efterrätter,  Frukost

    Bästa brunchen att bjuda på hemma

    Många gånger serveras den bästa brunchen hemma. Jag tycker personligen att brunch ute tenderar att vara överskattad. Dels kan man ta bort alla delar som man inte tycker om. (Om det nu finns sådana.) Ha koll på vad som är i det man äter. Men det viktigaste av allt. Samla alla man tycker om vid ett och samma bord. Jag är inte främmande för att köra knytis på brunchen. Men eftersom jag lever både för och på att skapa mat gör jag det mer än gärna. Men gör man inte det kan man dela upp det mellan sig. Någon kan ta med sig pålägg, dryck eller bär. På just denna…

  • Swedish rice pudding
    Efterrätter,  Frukost,  Vegetariskt

    Swedish rice pudding – Ris á la Malta

    There’s a Swedish Christmas dessert that is called rice á la Malta. Swedish rice pudding.  It’s sort of rice pudding that has nothing to do with Malta at all. However, most families have their own recipe for it. It’s mostly common during Christmas, but can, of course, be eaten all year long.  Swedish rice pudding Rice pudding has been of those Christmas desserts that is must on the Swedish Christmas table. We even had it on our, even though we celebrated a very typical Hungarian Christmas.  None the less, my grandmother used to make it with canned sorted fruits and whipped cream. It’s quite a heavy dessert. I love it…

  • super smoothie
    Dryck,  Frukost,  Gluten free,  Hälsa,  Vegan,  Vegetariskt

    A Super smoothie to super charge you

    What’s a super smoothie compared to superwomen? Nothing really. But superwomen need their superpowers. And what better way to start off than giving your body the good stuff. This is a sponsored post by Entreprenörddagen. Superpower vs. Hungry My superpower is that I can make connections with people. I love people and I think everyone carries around a collection of wonderful stories. However, let me tell you, when I’m hungry I’m not a nice person. Do you guys remember that Snicker’s commercial a few years back? The one with Aretha Franklin? If not, here it is. That is pretty much me when I’m hungry. And of course, I don’t even realise it until…

  • apple muffins
    Efterrätter,  Frukost,  Vegetariskt

    Bakery style apple muffins

    Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the smell of bakery style apple muffins? I have three apple trees in my garden. As you can imagine there is quite an overflow of apples. These apple muffins are so moist I was even surprised myself. Make a double batch, you will want to have these in your freezer. If the apple muffins make it to the freezer that is… Apple muffins and more So I was contemplating what to do with all the apples in our garden. I mean as much as I love apples there is only so much you can do with them, right? I mean my favourite is overnight bircher with apples. I…

  • Shakshuka
    Frukost,  Gluten free,  Middag,  Snabbmat,  Vegetariskt

    Shakshuka -Middle eastern quick food

    Shakshuka is my favourite Middle Eastern go-to meal. It’s quick, it’s very flavourful and all it takes is 20 minutes. And if you have eggs and tomato sauce you have your base. I would say that’s pretty damn perfect. Shakshuka – what? I always mispronounce this and call it Shakshukra and my son calls it Shakira. However, you want to pronounce it – I really urge you to try it. Traditionally the recipe requires Harissa, which is a hot chilli paste. Usually, it has a smoky flavour. I didn’t have Harissa at home. Therefore I switched it up a little. Onion, tomato and garlic serve as a base in this recipe. Which incidentally…

  • Greek yoghurt
    Frukost,  Gluten free,  Vegetariskt

    Greek yoghurt breakfast

    Greek yoghurt for breakfast is good for you for many different reasons. It’s filling, creamy and you can top it with pretty much anything you want. It’s really versatile. And keeps you full the entire morning. Greek yoghurt and gut health Greek yoghurt is full of probiotics which are live bacteria and yeast and they are good for your digestive system. For example, if you are required to take antibiotics it usually wipes your stomach from probiotics and eating Greek yoghurt will help stabilize your gut health. And it can help to balance your stomach. What do I choose? If you can, choose an organic brand. Full fat instead of low…

  • green super smoothie
    Dryck,  Frukost

    The mean green super smoothie

    This green super smoothie is my go-to smoothie everytime I want to recharge. It has also served me as lunch replacement if I’m caught up in work. Or to be honest, this green super smoothie is also a good dinner for one companion. When I got divorced and the kids weren’t home my appetite to cook was just not there. However instead of resorting to a bag of crips, which believe me was tempting from time to time. This green super smoothie turned into a smoothie bowl with muesli, berries and shaved coconut. Because I know, cooking for one is not always that much fun. Even though you know you should, it’s not that…

  • Nordic superfoods
    Frukost,  Hälsa

    Skin deep with Nordic superfoods

    A lot of times it’s easy to forget about the Nordic superfoods. Up in the big north, we are spoilt with clean air, forests and food that grows wild and is free. Nordic superfoods contain high levels of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. One can call them nature’s gift to us since they naturally promote health and clearer skin. The lines between beauty, health and wellness are blurred these days to the point one can almost say it’s the same. To be beautiful is to be healthy, and to be healthy is to be beautiful. Nordic superfoods have a lot to offer in this department. Blueberries Blueberries grow wild in our forests and are…

  • Easter waffles
    Frukost,  Sallad & Smått

    Best Easter waffles recipe – Easter starts here

    Easter Waffles, is there a better way to start celebrating Easter? I think not! This specific recipe is an Easter waffle filled with Scandinavian flavours. And very typical toppings on the Easter dinner table. I love Easter, and I love waffles. The combination is Easter waffles. It’s a perfect way to celebrate spring and all the Scandinavian flavours in one little bite. This time of year it’s exciting to put all the freshly awoken flavours on the table. In Sweden cured Salmon is a must on any Easter table. There is also dill, eggs and West botnia cheese and brussels sprouts. Now, while the sprouts can be bitter if you fry them…

  • Efterrätter,  Frukost,  Sallad & Smått

    Bakery style white chocolate raspberry muffins

    Bakery style white chocolate raspberry muffins with crumble on top, ever wondered how to make them? Me too! I see beautiful mouthwatering photos of muffins and I always wonder, how do people succeed with their muffins? It supposed to be one of those baking skills that you just have, however, let me tell you I didn’t. I have tried and failed so many times now. Which is good news for you, because then you don’t have to. I love it when they are full at the top since it’s my favourite part of the muffin. I love to break off the full top and devour it. But ever so often…