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Table decorating - my best tips - Caroline Vass

Table decorating – my best tips

Table decorating – my best tips

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Table decorating is so much fun! Last week when asked to create some table decorating ideas for Søstrene Grene in their store I jumped on the idea. We all know how most people eat with their eyes. Therefore table decorating is such a pleasure and important piece of any party. I was asked to decorate a kid’s party, a baby shower and an adult party, using the same base. Because wrongly people assume it’s going to be stressful and expensive. Which is simply not true. Don’t fret, I’m here to give you my learnings from table decorating.

Scandinavian is trending right now

Right now we see a lot of Scandinavian trends in table decorating. Danish “hygge” is still going quite strong as a trend. Which sets the mood for cosiness, togetherness and good company. The colours are sombre and a lot of natural materials, such as wood, hemp and stone.  Less is more. A beautifully decorated table isn’t cluttered. Rather each piece brings something to the table. Which also allows to show off a certain theme more strongly, when not every piece on the table is competing for attention.

Keywords in Nordic trends are sustainability and environment, natural materials, cool colours and guests around the table.

Whatever do I mean by that? Well, I, for example, keep everything. I never throw away anything that can be reused. And a lot of times you can use many things over and over again.

Decide on a colour and a theme

It’s always easier to coordinate table decorations when you have a specific scheme in mind. That also allows you to combinate what you have in a different way. For example, if choose a pirates theme, not everything on the table have to be with pirate prints on them.

Table decorating

For these three parties, I choose table decorating ideas based on a base colour and then chose theme based accessories that would match those colours. I chose a sombre green and gold as a base. These colours are good colours for both boys and girls, but can also serve as adult colours.

Then I chose a pirate theme. Adding red, pirate flags and golde chocolate coins as table and cake decorations. This is what I meant by not having to choose a print and then decorate with only that. Therefore choosing a base colour that you can use with different props depending on what theme you want to use is the best way to go about it.

table decorating

Then I chose a ballerina theme, adding colours in pink, such as flowers and ballerinas. Still, it looked very inviting with the same base colours as before.

table decoration

See how the sombre pinks tastefully go with the green and the gold?

table decorating

Mix old and new things

I love birthday parties and whenever it’s my kid’s birthdays I go all in. So I do get that you want to get some new things for your party! However, maybe not as much as you think you do.

I have beautiful plates from Stella at the Clay lab in Malmö. Usually, you have those odd bowls, plates and even cutlery that you bring out for these occasions. Small vases are also a good investment. You can really use them over and over again.

This brings me to Valentine’s. These same colours are such a wonderful way to break the never-ending pink and red that is dominant on Valentine’s day.

I chose to fold the napkins as little bows and hearts to get into the mood of giving. Which another way to add that little extra, fold the napkins. You can set the level yourself. Bowties and hearts take less than two minutes. table decorating

table decorating

Flowers, flowers and flowers

Those of you who follow me on Instagram, (ruthless self-promotion, I know!) know that I have a Sophie who owns Florista. She is amazing! Decorate with flowers! It can elevate any table and it usually does.

Either get a big centrepiece that goes well with your theme or use those small vases and place them out throughout the entire table.

You can also use a single flower or a beautiful twig to decorate each plate or napkin.

A lot of times you can also ask for flowers that florists can’t sell for full price and you get even more flowers. I then dry them and use them as decoration on cakes and food.

Here are some other inspirational table decorating ideas.

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