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    How to throw a last minute Halloween party

    To throw a last minute Halloween party doesn’t have to be complicated, in fact, I’m giving away my greatest tips for you. If you follow my last minute Halloween party guide you will be on your way to Halloween stardom. Pinning is easy If you are anything like me, you start looking at Pinterest boards in July, set the date in August and start looking for decorations as soon as they hit the stores. Then you start to plan. This is going to be the most awesome Halloween party ever. The kids are going to have so much fun! We are going to have matching costumes. This is going to be so much fun!…

  • friendship

    Female friendships – why they matter

    Female friendships have come to save my life over the years. It’s something wonderful that has matured over the years. And like good wines, good friendships only get better. It took me quite a while to form really good female friendships. Let’s say I didn’t really get the rules of engagement and I preferred to hang out with boys. They were far less complicated. Until we became teenagers, then nothing is uncomplicated. Anyway, so what does this has to do with health you ask? I’ll tell you. Health and Friendships Most of my emotional and mental strength comes from deep bonds with the strong females in my life. Over time, we become our friends…

  • Mean kidney bean dip
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    Mean kidney bean dip

    The mean kidney bean dip will surely knock your socks off! The only thing that is as impressive as the time it takes to make (5 minutes!) is the flavour! The mean kidney bean dip is a welcome treat on our Halloween dinner table. Even my boys love it. But if you ask them they do not like beans at all. They can spot a little black bean in their tacos and will refuse to eat it. Therefore the mean kidney bean dip is simply called the dipping sauce at our house. I will never ever let them in on a little secret called the black bean brownie either. This is such an…

  • Jack O'Lantern stuffed peppers
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    Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers

    Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers are the perfect addition to your Halloween party. They are easy to make, a little creepy and yet delicious to eat. These Jack O’lantern stuffed peppers are vegetarian, however, you can fill them with anything you like. I fill my Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers with couscous and cheese. The key is to season the couscous well. And the parmesan cheese just makes everything a little bit better. Different fillings It’s really simple to play around with different fillings to accompany your Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers. Minced meat, rice or why not both? Just make sure you cook everything before you fill your Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers. I tried one batch with red rice.…

  • Roasted tomato soup
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    Roasted heirloom tomato soup

    You know those days when you get home from picking up your kids from school? When you get home and you realise that you don’t have the energy to cook? Ever have those days? Those days what saves me is the roasted heirloom tomato soup. It’s a damn delicious roasted tomato soup. This season they were able to soak up the sun and they taste sweet. Close to perfection I say. Seasonal Food I love the food that is in season now. All the beautiful colours and they taste different too. There is something beautiful about the food that has been able to grow and mature during the warm summer months.  Like gorgeous…

  • super smoothie
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    A Super smoothie to super charge you

    What’s a super smoothie compared to superwomen? Nothing really. But superwomen need their superpowers. And what better way to start off than giving your body the good stuff. This is a sponsored post by Entreprenörddagen. Superpower vs. Hungry My superpower is that I can make connections with people. I love people and I think everyone carries around a collection of wonderful stories. However, let me tell you, when I’m hungry I’m not a nice person. Do you guys remember that Snicker’s commercial a few years back? The one with Aretha Franklin? If not, here it is. That is pretty much me when I’m hungry. And of course, I don’t even realise it until after I have…

  • West Bothnia Cheese pie
    Hälsa,  Middagar

    How to host a crayfish party – and why you should

    West Bothnia Cheese pie or Västerbottenost paj as we call it in Sweden. Is a must at every crayfish party. The characteristics of the West Bothnia Cheese makes it especially delicious for this pie. It’s silky smooth inside and crisp outside will make you want to eat this pie often. Crayfish party September is usually the month to have a crayfish party. The shellfish season has begun. This means Swedes gather their friends to eat crayfish and West Bothnia Cheese pie. Well not only, but it’s the most important part. Friendships and sharing food It also means hanging out with your friends. Sharing good food with good friends is truly the key to a long…

  • apple muffins
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    Bakery style apple muffins

    Who wouldn’t want to wake up to the smell of bakery style apple muffins? I have three apple trees in my garden. As you can imagine there is quite an overflow of apples. These apple muffins are so moist I was even surprised myself. Make a double batch, you will want to have these in your freezer. If the apple muffins make it to the freezer that is… Apple muffins and more So I was contemplating what to do with all the apples in our garden. I mean as much as I love apples there is only so much you can do with them, right? I mean my favourite is overnight bircher with apples. I have also made…

  • chocolate toffee cookies

    Chocolate toffee cuts

    I know not everyone loves chocolate. However, after trying these chocolate toffee cookies you will be turned. They are crunchy, yet they are chewy because of the toffee. They also disappear very quickly I noticed. Last time I didn’t even have time to taste them. They were all gone. This recipe for chocolate toffee cookies come from one of my idols, the Eisenman sisters. Their cookbook,” Sommarens söta” Which in English is ”Sweets’ of Summer”. It’s such a wonderful cookbook. And it was also one of my first that I ever bought. Each and every recipe is truly delicious. They have an American heritage which is very noticeable throughout the book.  It’s very nicely woven together with their…

  • sweet potato jacket
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    Sweet potato jacket in the oven

    I made a post on my Instagram this week about hell hour. Let’s continue down that road. Because let’s face it, school just started. We have a long way until Christmas break. Sweet potato jackets bake themselves in the oven. The topping takes about 5 minutes to do. That leaves you being able to do whatever else you want to do until the oven clock rings. Sweet potato jacket not only bakes itself in the oven, which gives you time to do something else. It is also a great source for getting your daily dose of vitamin A. And it's delicious too! Sweet potato jacket While not really related to the ”normal” potato they…