• Waffles

    Waffles on waffle’s day

    Waffle’s day It’s Monday today, but it’s also the day of the Waffles here in Sweden. And I for one, think it’s a fabulous day. I mean what Monday is complete without dessert? None, thank you very much. In Sweden all the grocery stores have been filled with ready made waffle mix and jam strategically placed. Just for you to grab as you are going to pay. Just in case you would forget your waffles. Differet toppings There are of course several ways to make waffles. There’s of course the classic waffle. With different, mostly sweet toppings. In this post, I will give you the classical Swedish waffle recipe and from that, you…

  • Bröd,  Middagar

    When life calls for Tortano

    I love bread. I could live off good quality bread. Dip in olive oil and be done. If you are anything like me, you’ll love Greek Tortano. All the best flavours in one bread. You can almost smell it right? How to make Tortano The first time I made Tortano it was a complete mess. It ended up not being a wreath. But instead a big blob. Tasty perhaps, but a blob none the less. I have since made it many times. And it does taste better when baked properly. I will teach how to make it. So that you can get it right from the beginning. It’s all about the right ingridients…

  • How to taste olive oil
    Dryck,  Hälsa

    How to taste olive oil

    In this post, I’m going to guide you on how to taste olive oil. You may think olive oil is just olive oil, right? Actually, you couldn’t be more wrong. Olive oil tasting is much like wine tasting, they differ in both taste and pungency. Partnership with a pungency This season I have partnered with the Greek olive oil company, Oliorama. To be able to bring you the best tasting virgin olive oils. You can tell the quality by sniffing the olive oil, taste and smell it. Different olive oil flavours? There are a few different characteristics to describe extra virgin olive oil. In general, they can fit into three categories: mild, medium…

  • girlfreinds night in

    Girlfriends night in – why it’s a good idea.

    I had a phone date with one of my oldest girlfriends yesterday. We don’t do it very often. I could blame it on distance, family and work. All of which is true. But truth be told, I’m also crap at talking on the phone. I love getting my girlfriends all together and hang out. To be honest, it’s one of the things that matters the most to me. But it’s something with the phone that makes me feel even more distant at times. Relationships that matter With my friend on the phone, while softly listening to ”we are family” in the background it reminded me how much I love her. How much I…

  • vegan semla
    Efterrätt,  Glutenfritt,  Säsong,  Vinter

    The Vegan Semla

    The semla is a classical Swedish pastry that is served on Shrove Tuesday. Now days even before. But it used to be served as treat after fast. During the last couple of years the Semla, whether a vegan semla or not has popped up in many shapes and flavours. As you probably know by now I love experimenting with new flavours and play around with textures. The semla, however, is one of those absolute classical pastries that I love just the way they are. Hello vegan Semla I can go as far as a vegan semla, which really is just the way the classical one is. Just allergy friendly. I can even stretch…