• Vegan massaman
    Dinner,  Gluten free

    Vegan Massaman Curry – 1 Pot 30 Mins

    Sponsored post from Le Creuset Vegan Massaman Curry and all you need is one pot and 30 minutes. Sounds good right? This dish has become one of my go-to curry’s. I love it when a dinner dish is pretty much one size fits all. This massaman curry is vegan and gluten-free. I hope you like it as much as I do. This recipe is inspired by the lovely ladies at Cashew Vegan Kitchen, or rather their cookbook. If you have the chance to go to their restaurant, you should. It’s such a delicious treat. Now back to the Massaman curry. I have a big family and thus I have a huge cast iron pot…

  • Roasted sweet potato soup
    Gluten free,  Soups

    Roasted sweet potato soup

    When you try to eat seasonally in Scandinavia it gives you an option to eat a lot of root vegetables. Even though the sweet potato is only remotely related to the potato, it’s still in the same family. I love roasted vegetables, therefore roasted sweet potato soup wasn’t far off to make. Let me tell you guys, it’s really tasty. It’s creamy, it’s full of flavours and it’s vegan too! However, first of all, I wanted to tell you guys that the reason I have been really absent on my blog is that I have been really ill. I know this is a food blog, therefore I won’t dwell on personal stuff. However,…

  • vegan brownies
    Desserts,  Gluten free

    Vegan brownies – made from black beans

    Have you heard of black bean vegan brownies? I have got to be honest with you, I have an absolute sweet tooth, and my weakness is delicious chocolate. I love anything with chocolate in it, well almost anyway. Black bean vegan brownies were not on the top of my list. But, I’m also very curious. What do they taste like? Turns out very deliciously. Now I could eat dessert all day long, but I recognize that it wouldn’t be very healthy in the long run. I never count calories and don’t restrictively, but I have important people in my life who does. For different reasons. Therefore I’m thinking, this is a win win, win for…

  • vegan banoffee pie

    A vegan no bake banoffee pie

    I love banoffee pie and I love experimenting! I wanted to see what I could make out of coconut milk and these delicious digestive crackers that I found over at A virtual vegan. You won’t be disappointed. She also has a funny discussion whether to call them biscuits or cookies. I, will, therefore, call them digestive crackers. You can, of course, buy them as well if you like. This banoffee pie tasted so good, you can triple the recipe from the beginning. I just made the pie in a little baking-tin, made for two. Well you know, just in case it wouldn’t turn out the way I wanted it to. I added a little…