food waste

Food waste as a cause

We are quite good in Sweden when it comes to food waste. People, in general, are quite aware of the problem and try to solve it. There are tv shows dedicated to the subject, books written and social movements. Good as in there are a few options available should you want to contribute to reduce food waste. Matsmart is one of them. 

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Food waste is a moral dilemma

Food waste is a problem in our household to be honest. Mainly because of of the fact that we are seven people one week and only two the other week. But I have a new system. I shop at matsmart, I can buy a lot of things of what I need at a lower price. These foods are all the types of food that you can save in your pantry. Which means it doesn’t go bad as quickly. 

I’m also saving food that would otherwise be tossed out. Perfectly good food, that is seasonal, labels being re-branded or short date.

Trust your senses

I have long foregone the expiration labels, to be honest. I smell, touch and taste. I trust my senses and not some package labelling. Often these are constructed so that the food companies are free from responsibility should anything happen to the consumer.

Eating smart

My new system is basically getting dry produce from Matsmart. Getting fresh produce from my local veggie store. And the week we are flying solo I need to empty the fridge before I buy new food. Eating smart.

This also makes us cut our meat consumption considerably. Buying dry produce gets me away from thinking the meat has to be the center piece. Instead I’m thinking, I have a this ecological tomato sauce what creative things can I make out this? Using that product as the main ingredient. 

Do you need a challange?

It challenges me to see food and the way we eat food from a different perspective. 

Anyone up for my challenge?  Maybe it can be a New Year’s thing? 

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