About me

My story

My name is Caroline and food and health is my passion in life. That’s why I work as a food stylist, content creator, holistic health coach and nutritionist.

My love for food, especially desserts started early on. I grew up with my Hungarian grandmother and mother and food is everything.
My grandmother was a great cook. Above all, she baked lovely creations every Sunday and for all the celebrations.

I could have easily opted-out of dinner to eat something sweet. I can still do that.

My family is from Hungary, but I was born and raised in Malmö, Sweden. The dinners that we gathered around was Hungarian food. With everything that entails. Such as long Sunday dinners, heated conversations, hugs, kisses and even more food.

When I moved away from home, it became fairly obvious to me that I had to learn how to cook. If I wanted to eat better than roadkill from the Uni cafeteria. There were many disasters in the kitchen we had to eat through at the beginning of my cooking carrier.

When I became a mother for the first time at 23, food became more important than ever. But above all healthy food. It became essential to prepare everything from scratch.

This resulted in me hosting cooking classes, lectures and starting a catering company that focused on sustainable food.

I went on to become a certified health coach and nutritionist. Now, I work on developing health courses and writing about food. But the visual part is also an important component of how we eat. Sitting down at a beautifully set table gives you peace of mind. Harmony helps to eat slowly and enjoy your food. It’s all about the balance.

Nowadays, I’m a vegetarian. It started with meatless Mondays, to eating less and less meat. It was partly for the environment, but also for ethical reasons. That’s my choice and mine only. However, I hope I can inspire you with delicious green options.

To live sustainably to me is to live a balanced life. Balance means different things to different people and only you know what it means to you. My hope is to inspire you to find yours!