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Health courses

Courses that makes health easier.

I love food and health. And I also love to teach what I’ve learned over the past years. That’s why I created two signature courses for you.

Sugar balance

One is called Taming your sugar monster and it is all about taming your sugar cravings. It’s not a sugar detox, it’s about being able to enjoy desserts and sweets on your own terms. But with better options than refined sugar. And also what’s important to know about the long term effects of too much sugar. The link takes you to the course.


Vegetarian eating habits

The other one is Eating your greens, which similarly doesn’t make you into a vegetarian. Unless that is what you choose. But you will be given the tools you need to have the whole family eating vegetarian food from scratch.

It’s about how and what to think about when you opt out of the meat eating state of mind.


This is a pre-launch and early bird offer. The course starts on March 31st. However, if you sign up now you will get a workbook and access to a community where you can find your people. There will also be a few questions for you to answer so then I can tweak the courses a little bit so they FIT YOU better.

Choosing me to be your instructor

Why you should choose me as your instructor? Because I get that one size does not fit all. I also don’t push you to box yourself into one category. I push you to make everyday choices that fit your life. Realistic goals that are sustainable over time.