Contact me

I lead a healthy lifestyle and try to live as sustainably as possible. I would love to work with brands/companies that share a similar outlook so please feel free to contact me if you feel that we could work well together.

I am selective about the work I take on and will only recommend products/brands that I genuinely love and truly believe in. Trust between myself and my readers is my absolute number one priority.

Partnering with A Scandinavian Kitchen Story is a fantastic way to publicize your product and if we establish a working relationship, you can count on me to champion your brand and put my heart and soul into the project.

Some partnership opportunities are :

  • Recipe development:  I love to create new recipes, and am available to develop recipes for your company or brand.
  • Sponsored Posts / Brand Ambassadorships: I love supporting brands I believe in and am available to work with you on individual projects or on an ongoing basis.
  • Product Reviews and Giveaways: I occasionally post reviews or offer giveaways for books/products that I truly believe in. If you have a product that you feel is a good fit for my readers, please contact me. I will only post reviews or host giveaways for products that I genuinely believe in and all ideas and opinions shared on my blog will be my own. I will not post pre-written content and I will always give honest feedback.
  • Editorial: I am available to write freelance content for your print or web-based publication.
  • Conferences/Events: I am available to attend blog/food-related conferences or other foodie events and press trips. My experiences will be shared with my readers via my blog, newsletter and my social media.

If you have other ideas for ways in which you would like to partner with A Scandinavian Kitchen Story, or if you would like me to customize a package that works for you, please contact me with your proposal.