• Butter glazed carrots for Thanksgiving
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    Butter glazed carrots for Thanksgiving

    First out, as part of my Thanksgiving special is Butter glazed carrots for Thanksgiving. As promised on my Instagram page, Thanksgiving recipes will be taking over this blog! First out is this delicious side dish with fresh carrots, from my local gardener. I can’t wait until my own veggie garden is up and running! Anyways, these small very tasty carrots went well with butter (honestly what doesn’t go well with butter?) and parmesan cheese. Serving butter glazed carrots for Thanksgiving will sure be an appreciated side dish at your Thanksgiving dinner table. Now as I mentioned before, Thanksgiving is, as I’m sure you know not exactly a Swedish holiday. But celebrating…

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    Hungarian zucchini stew

    I have been craving Hungarian zucchini stew for a while now and with the surprise veggie bag from Los Perros Urban farming containing all the ingredients, I took as a sign. Now I haven’t cooked anything Hungarian since my Nana passed away a couple of years ago. For various reasons. However, one being that Hungarian dishes take a lot of time to make. Both my mum and my Nana used to spend a lot of time in the kitchen. Especially Sunday dinners. Anyway, this Hungarian zucchini stew is traditionally served either as a side dish or a main dish served with potatoes. In fact, a lot of families were weekday…

  • american spirulina oat pancakes
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    American spirulina oat pancakes

    American spirulina oat pancakes, how do you like the sound of that? I have been a big fan of spirulina for a long time, way before it even got trendy. I like that it’s healthy and I adore the beautiful colour. This green and blue superfood is an alga, and just as little as one tablespoon a day can have major health benefits for you. You can read more about here. Spirulina has been called the most nutritious food on the planet. So you can understand why I wanted to introduce it to my kids. Now my kids love sushi, but peel of the Noori, because they simply can’t eat seaweed. Selling algae for…

  • mozzarella melt
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    A rich chanterelle mozzarella melt

    Picture a grilled mozzarella melt sandwich. Do you see it? Now add some delicious chanterelle mushroom and piquant dijon mustard to it. Can you taste it? I really love quick and easy food. Who doesn’t right? This is why this recipe is a good one to remember. We all have those days when we are busy and don’t have time to cook a proper dinner. However, this does not mean that you have to compromise on health and taste. You will have time for this mozzarella melt and the best part. You won’t be disappointed. If you eat meat, then chop up some bacon and add to this fabulous sandwich that is the…

  • Jerusalem artichoke soup
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    Jerusalem artichoke soup

    A creamy and rich Jerusalem artichoke soup is perfect on a day like this. Not only is it meat-free Monday, but it’s also a cold autumn day here in Scandinavia. The season has changed and even though the sun might show itself, you can feel the change of the season. That is good news. At least when it comes to food. The foods available right now are amazing! One of which is the Jerusalem artichoke. I absolutely love Jerusalem artichoke soup. This recipe gives you a threesome of typical Scandinavian flavours, Jerusalem artichoke, dill and potatoes. I think this or a version of this soup was one of the first things…

  • brioche bread
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    Brioche bread for any burger

    For a long time, I have been on the quest to find the perfect brioche bread for burgers. We love burgers in our family, and the brioche bread is as important as what goes in it. I especially like the one with grilled halloumi and guacamole. But with this brioche bread for burgers will lift anything you put in it to another level. Can’t go wrong with butter and love. If you are anything like me, store bought burger bread will not do after you have tried this recipe. In my opinion, the store bought tend to either be a little dry, or they get too soggy and fall apart.…

  • Creamy chanterelle soup
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    Creamy Chanterelle soup

    Creamy Chanterelle soup has got to be one of the most Swedish dishes I know of. Not for nothing we call it the “forest gold” in Sweden. And that golden season is upon us. What better way to kick off the season than with a creamy, full of flavour chanterelle soup? Enjoy! The x marks the spot People here in Sweden have their own secret spots for picking these golden mushrooms. You see these spots popping up all over Instagram. Without the geotag. The locations for these mushroom picking spots are secret. Farmers market Since I don’t have a secret spot of my own I buy them in a store. Because…