• Shakshuka
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    Shakshuka -Middle eastern quick food

    Shakshuka is my favourite Middle Eastern go-to meal. It’s quick, it’s very flavourful and all it takes is 20 minutes. And if you have eggs and tomato sauce you have your base. I would say that’s pretty damn perfect. Shakshuka – what? I always mispronounce this and call it Shakshukra and my son calls it Shakira. However, you want to pronounce it – I really urge you to try it. Traditionally the recipe requires Harissa, which is a hot chilli paste. Usually, it has a smoky flavour. I didn’t have Harissa at home. Therefore I switched it up a little. Onion, tomato and garlic serve as a base in this recipe. Which incidentally…

  • Hungarian plum dumplings
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    Hungarian plum dumplings

    Hungarian plum dumplings or Szilvás gomboc as they are called in Hungarian is the epitome of my childhood. This is how my grandmother showed me her deepest love for me. And after making Hungarian plum dumplings myself I now know how deep that love went. There is no shortcut to making Hungarian plum dumplings. However, the effort is worth it. The dough is the same as when you make gnocchi. It’s made from potato pasta. The hardest part of making Hungarian plum dumplings is making the actual dumplings. Then have them to stay in the shape of a whole ball whilst cooking them. But more about this later on. I saw my…

  • ice lollies
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    The best ice lolly recipe for kids

    My kids have been living out of our freezer this summer. We have an ice lolly factory in our kitchen. It has been a tropical summer in Sweden. And we are loving every minute of it. Ice lollies for breakfast anyone? These ice lollies are very easy to make and taste like a little bit of ice lolly heaven. You can use this recipe with any kind of berry. And make a different ice lolly. But this season the strawberries have been really sweet. I guess this is what happens when berries get to grow in full sunshine. Ice lollies and sugar I use a little bit of sugar in…

  • Greek yoghurt
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    Greek yoghurt breakfast

    Greek yoghurt for breakfast is good for you for many different reasons. It’s filling, creamy and you can top it with pretty much anything you want. It’s really versatile. And keeps you full the entire morning. Greek yoghurt and gut health Greek yoghurt is full of probiotics which are live bacteria and yeast and they are good for your digestive system. For example, if you are required to take antibiotics it usually wipes your stomach from probiotics and eating Greek yoghurt will help stabilize your gut health. And it can help to balance your stomach. What do I choose? If you can, choose an organic brand. Full fat instead of low…

  • pineapple cake
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    The best pineapple cake recipe

    Pineapple cake has to be one of my all-time favourites. This cake fills me with warm, fuzzy feelings. Especially when pineapple is combined with coconut. This tropical cake is hard to beat. My love for the tropical has to do with the fact that I have grown up in a cold non-exotic country. Although I was really lucky. My parents took us abroad for a couple of weeks every year. Somewhere around the Meddatarrianan. Therefore pineapples, palm trees, the sun and coconuts make me very happy. It’s addictive This cake started out as an experiment. I combined things I thought should taste good together. Like butter, quite a lot of it, sugar,…

  • Green kale salad
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    Green kale salad – for your gut-health

    Green kale salad is often referred to as something bitter and has somewhat of a bad reputation. However, all of this is about to change with this recipe. Green kale salad or green kale, in general, is packed with nutrients and essential for your gut-health. Green kale salad is good for you and here’s why. Did you know that as little as 100 gr green kale contains as much as 160 percent of the recommended daily intake of vitamin C? It’s also full of antioxidants, which helps with boosting your immune system. This will increase a feeling of overall well being. It’s a very versatile vegetable and it can grow under almost any…

  • cauliflower pizza
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    Gluten-free cauliflower pizza with pesto

    Cauliflower pizza has got to be one of the best healthy kale dinners ever served. The crust is wonderfully crisp, tasty and an allergy-friendly option. I will choose cheesy pizza any day of the week. There’s almost nothing that gives me as much satisfaction than foods with melted cheese. Now, this particular cauliflower pizza has proved very popular in our house. I’m pretty sure it’s because of the cheesy crust. Allergy friendly The cauliflower pizza dough is also gluten-free, which makes this a wonderful allergy friendly option. If you like me, have a lot of friends. And they all have very different food preferences and allergies. Then the cauliflower pizza will be the perfect…

  • Meatless Monday
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    Meatless Monday – kid friendly recipes

    It’s Monday and meatless Monday none the less. In Sweden, meatless Monday’s have been a thing for quite a while now. The kid’s get lunch at school and they have slowly gotten used to less and less meat on the menu. Which is great. We have been trying Meatless Mondays in our home too for a while and it’s going in the right direction. Getting the kid’s approval Every other week we have five kid’s in the house. Both I and my partner are divorced and between us, there are five kids. Cooking for kid’s can be challenging in any shape or form, but when you bring kid’s together who are used…

  • Belgian waffles
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    Belgian Waffles – The Scandinavian way

    Belgian Waffles, oh how I love thee. When I was a kid, Belgian Waffles were something you would get on festivals and fairs. Waffles in Sweden are typically heart shaped, thin and crisp. I used to dream about Belgian Waffles with Nutella. Thick, delicious Belgian Waffles. I didn’t get to eat a lot of them as you can hear. Therefore, I got myself a Belgian waffle iron. A quick snack However on school breaks, as we have in Sweden right now, my mum used to make Swedish Waffles. It’s simple, quick and I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like waffles. She would make a huge stack of them. I would…

  • vegan pineapple pie
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    Vegan pineapple pie

    I have been cooking a lot of exotic food lately and thus the vegan pineapple pie was born. I love pineapple and to me, there’s nothing as exotic as a pineapple. It makes me think of sunny endless days, good vibes and sunkissed skin. The exact opposite of what’s going on in Sweden at the moment. Although to be fair, I have never seen a pineapple tree grow in Scandinavia.Anyway, wanted to make something to be reminded of everything that’s good in life. And at the moment the grocery shops are filled with beautiful pineapples. Therefore, I decided to make a vegan pineapple pie, to suit everyone’s needs. As you may…