• kanelbullar

    Kanelbullar inför kanelbullens dag – bästa receptet

    På fredag är de kanelbullens dag så vad kan vara mer perfekt än det bästa receptet på kanelbullar? Inget, eller hur? Hemligheten Vad är då hemligheten bakom riktigt goda kanelbullar? Svaret kommer inte att förvåna dig. Men här kommer det ändå… Hemligheten bakom de perfekta kanelbullarna är förutom kärlek då, smör. Ja, jag sa ju att du skulle gissa dig till det. Ett bra tips är att alltid använda rumstempererade ingredienser, det blir bättre deg då. Samt att tillsätta smöret i självaste degen. Ta det lugnt och stressa inte degen. Så får du perfekta kanelbullar. Om du tycker om kanelbullar kanske du också tycker om kardemumma knutar?

  • Middag,  Soppor,  Vegetariskt

    Fisksoppa med saffran – njut av sensommaren

    Samarbete med Le Creuset. Fisksoppa med saffran var det första jag tänkte på när Le Creuset bad om en klimatvänlig meny. Av lite olika anledningar. Specialkomponerad meny Som i ett led av klimatvänliga alternativ på middagsbordet har jag tagit fram planetvänliga alternativ att bjuda familj och vänner på. Först ut i deras nya linje av gjutjärnsgrytor, den som heter i oblong. Jag gillar verkligen formen på denna grytan. Den är oval och den får väldigt fint plats med hela fiskar exempelvis. Men mer om innehållet i den. Tänk dig sammetslen soppa med saffran, fullt av smak av både fänkål och läckerheter från havet. Den är dessutom enkel att göra. Många…

  • Waffles
    Efterrätter,  Snabbmat,  Vegetariskt

    Waffles on waffle’s day

    Waffle’s day It’s Monday today, but it’s also the day of the Waffles here in Sweden. And I for one, think it’s a fabulous day. I mean what Monday is complete without dessert? None, thank you very much. In Sweden all the grocery stores have been filled with ready made waffle mix and jam strategically placed. Just for you to grab as you are going to pay. Just in case you would forget your waffles. Differet toppings There are of course several ways to make waffles. There’s of course the classic waffle. With different, mostly sweet toppings. In this post, I will give you the classical Swedish waffle recipe and…

  • Bröd,  Middag

    When life calls for Tortano

    I love bread. I could live off good quality bread. Dip in olive oil and be done. If you are anything like me, you’ll love Greek Tortano. All the best flavours in one bread. You can almost smell it right? How to make Tortano The first time I made Tortano it was a complete mess. It ended up not being a wreath. But instead a big blob. Tasty perhaps, but a blob none the less. I have since made it many times. And it does taste better when baked properly. I will teach how to make it. So that you can get it right from the beginning. It’s all about…

  • Swedish rice pudding
    Efterrätter,  Frukost,  Vegetariskt

    Swedish rice pudding – Ris á la Malta

    There’s a Swedish Christmas dessert that is called rice á la Malta. Swedish rice pudding.  It’s sort of rice pudding that has nothing to do with Malta at all. However, most families have their own recipe for it. It’s mostly common during Christmas, but can, of course, be eaten all year long.  Swedish rice pudding Rice pudding has been of those Christmas desserts that is must on the Swedish Christmas table. We even had it on our, even though we celebrated a very typical Hungarian Christmas.  None the less, my grandmother used to make it with canned sorted fruits and whipped cream. It’s quite a heavy dessert. I love it…

  • food waste

    Food waste as a cause

    We are quite good in Sweden when it comes to food waste. People, in general, are quite aware of the problem and try to solve it. There are tv shows dedicated to the subject, books written and social movements. Good as in there are a few options available should you want to contribute to reduce food waste. Matsmart is one of them.  Sponsored content Matsmart Food waste is a moral dilemma Food waste is a problem in our household to be honest. Mainly because of of the fact that we are seven people one week and only two the other week. But I have a new system. I shop at…

  • Mean kidney bean dip
    Gluten free,  Såser & Röror,  Snabbmat,  Vegetariskt

    Mean kidney bean dip

    The mean kidney bean dip will surely knock your socks off! The only thing that is as impressive as the time it takes to make (5 minutes!) is the flavour! The mean kidney bean dip is a welcome treat on our Halloween dinner table. Even my boys love it. But if you ask them they do not like beans at all. They can spot a little black bean in their tacos and will refuse to eat it. Therefore the mean kidney bean dip is simply called the dipping sauce at our house. I will never ever let them in on a little secret called the black bean brownie either. This…

  • Jack O'Lantern stuffed peppers
    Middag,  Underhållning,  Vegetariskt

    Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers

    Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers are the perfect addition to your Halloween party. They are easy to make, a little creepy and yet delicious to eat. These Jack O’lantern stuffed peppers are vegetarian, however, you can fill them with anything you like. I fill my Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers with couscous and cheese. The key is to season the couscous well. And the parmesan cheese just makes everything a little bit better. Different fillings It’s really simple to play around with different fillings to accompany your Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers. Minced meat, rice or why not both? Just make sure you cook everything before you fill your Jack O’Lantern stuffed peppers. I tried one batch…

  • Roasted tomato soup
    Gluten free,  Middag,  Snabbmat,  Soppor,  Vegetariskt

    Roasted heirloom tomato soup

    You know those days when you get home from picking up your kids from school? When you get home and you realise that you don’t have the energy to cook? Ever have those days? Those days what saves me is the roasted heirloom tomato soup. It’s a damn delicious roasted tomato soup. This season they were able to soak up the sun and they taste sweet. Close to perfection I say. Seasonal Food I love the food that is in season now. All the beautiful colours and they taste different too. There is something beautiful about the food that has been able to grow and mature during the warm summer…

  • super smoothie
    Dryck,  Frukost,  Gluten free,  Hälsa,  Vegan,  Vegetariskt

    A Super smoothie to super charge you

    What’s a super smoothie compared to superwomen? Nothing really. But superwomen need their superpowers. And what better way to start off than giving your body the good stuff. This is a sponsored post by Entreprenörddagen. Superpower vs. Hungry My superpower is that I can make connections with people. I love people and I think everyone carries around a collection of wonderful stories. However, let me tell you, when I’m hungry I’m not a nice person. Do you guys remember that Snicker’s commercial a few years back? The one with Aretha Franklin? If not, here it is. That is pretty much me when I’m hungry. And of course, I don’t even realise it until…