• Hungarian plum dumplings
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    Hungarian plum dumplings

    Hungarian plum dumplings or Szilvás gomboc as they are called in Hungarian is the epitome of my childhood. This is how my grandmother showed me her deepest love for me. And after making Hungarian plum dumplings myself I now know how deep that love went. There is no shortcut to making Hungarian plum dumplings. However, the effort is worth it. The dough is the same as when you make gnocchi. It’s made from potato pasta. The hardest part of making Hungarian plum dumplings is making the actual dumplings. Then have them to stay in the shape of a whole ball whilst cooking them. But more about this later on. I saw my…

  • ice lollies
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    The best ice lolly recipe for kids

    My kids have been living out of our freezer this summer. We have an ice lolly factory in our kitchen. It has been a tropical summer in Sweden. And we are loving every minute of it. Ice lollies for breakfast anyone? These ice lollies are very easy to make and taste like a little bit of ice lolly heaven. You can use this recipe with any kind of berry. And make a different ice lolly. But this season the strawberries have been really sweet. I guess this is what happens when berries get to grow in full sunshine. Ice lollies and sugar I use a little bit of sugar in…

  • cherry pie recipe

    Fresh cherry cake recipe

    The cherry season has definitely begun. It seems like cherries are a bit like coriander. Either you like it or you don’t. Cherry cake seems to be what unites the camp though. Hungarian heritage Cherries are one of the best things I know. I recently discovered a supermarket close to where I live. To my excitement, I discovered that they sell sour cherry juice. This brought me back to my childhood and the warm Hungarian summers. I used to eat a lot of fresh cherries. Of course, eat cherry cake. And drink cherry juice. Cherry flavours There are cherry trees in Sweden too, but somehow baked goods with cherries, cherry lemonade…

  • rhubarb cream
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    Rhubarb cream with strawberries

    Rhubarb cream is one of those old Swedish desserts that were always homemade. I have added strawberries to my cream. Thick rhubarb and strawberry cream as dessert is hugely underestimated. The rhubarb marries really well with the strawberries. It’s like a summer day in a bowl. Flavour memories I ate a lot of rhubarb cream when I was a kid. My mum used to get the store bought for me and my brother. We loved it. Sugary thick cream. What’s not to like? Strawberry was my favourite. We are it with ice cold milk. I have only now realised how easy it is to make. And the rhubarb with the strawberry is…

  • Piña colada cake

    Piña colada cake – summer in a cake

    Piña colada cake, it sounds exotic, doesn’t it? While not typically Scandinavian somehow it is. I think Piña colada is one of the first flavours I came in contact with. It was the first tropical drink I drank and I think it was the first bottle of alcohol I bought too. Needless to say, it’s a flavour that I hold very dear. Why the Piña colada cake? When the heat is on, my need for the Piña colada cake is on. Or anything containing that flavour really. I can sit in my garden feeling the warmth of the sun on my face, smell that special smell everything gets from the rays of…

  • mother's day cake

    Awesome Mother’s day cake – a cake for mama

    Need to make a mother’s day cake tomorrow. In Sweden, it’s mother’s day tomorrow and if you haven’t already planned your mother’s day cake it’s time now. I’m going to give you the easiest recipe ever. You can’t fail with this, I promise. It’s even child-friendly – as in even your kids can do it. Because let’s be honest, as a mother myself it’s wonderful to get a treat that is not made me.   Cheating with not baking from scratch As much as I like baking everything from scratch, I realise not everyone wants to do just that or has the time to bake a Mother’s day cake from…

  • pineapple cake
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    The best pineapple cake recipe

    Pineapple cake has to be one of my all-time favourites. This cake fills me with warm, fuzzy feelings. Especially when pineapple is combined with coconut. This tropical cake is hard to beat. My love for the tropical has to do with the fact that I have grown up in a cold non-exotic country. Although I was really lucky. My parents took us abroad for a couple of weeks every year. Somewhere around the Meddatarrianan. Therefore pineapples, palm trees, the sun and coconuts make me very happy. It’s addictive This cake started out as an experiment. I combined things I thought should taste good together. Like butter, quite a lot of it, sugar,…

  • Coconut ombre layer cake

    Coconut layered ombre cake

    Coconut layered ombre cake, it does sound delicious, doesn’t it? I made this layered level cake for my niece and nephew’s 1st birthday. However, it turns out the coconut layered ombre cake makes a great Easter cake too. It will surely impress your guests and make them want to crave for more. And instead of using golden sprinkles you can use Easter decorations. It is as you can see the coconut layered ombre cake is a little tricky to make. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll be fine. I’ll walk you through it. Now, let’s get started. Cake Sizes If you want to make, this only layered that’s…

  • New York Cheesecake

    New York Cheesecake – a classic

    This classic New York Cheesecake is one of those desserts that taste like a piece of heaven and is equally pretty to look at. Almost like you don’t want to eat the New York cheesecake because it’s too pretty to look at. But only almost. It is a New York cheesecake after all.    Now, I won’t say it’s very simple to make because that would be a lie. It’s not complicated. However, it’s takes some time. This New York cheesecake is not the kind of cake you whip up in when you are pressed for time. It will be worth the time though.  Tips and Tricks to succeed There…

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    Bakery style white chocolate raspberry muffins

    Bakery style white chocolate raspberry muffins with crumble on top, ever wondered how to make them? Me too! I see beautiful mouthwatering photos of muffins and I always wonder, how do people succeed with their muffins? It supposed to be one of those baking skills that you just have, however, let me tell you I didn’t. I have tried and failed so many times now. Which is good news for you, because then you don’t have to. I love it when they are full at the top since it’s my favourite part of the muffin. I love to break off the full top and devour it. But ever so often…